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The Last Cartographer

pathways the-last-cartographer

The Last Cartographer was written and created by Kyle Carpenter, Ali Caufin, Jodie Childers, Jennifer Dellner, Bob Fletcher, Rochelle Gold, Nicola Harwood, Inba Kehoe, Shazia Ramji, Kaitlyn Till, and Jessica Tremblay, during Pathways: Creating digital fiction with Kate Pullinger, an immersive one-week workshop at Simon Fraser University, June 9-13 2014.

Tips to navigate The Last Cartographer (original version):

  • use the left sidebar to choose a chapter
  • click on the arrow on the right of the screen to move forward

The story was later used by Interaction Design students of Emily Carr University of Art + Design as a class exercise. The students created the following versions:


Haiku stir fry, remix of the famous Old Pond haiku by Matsuo Basho.

The Swimming Pool, Twine story, 2015

Cherry Duty, transmedia story. In development. 2015-

Extraction, digital story. In development.

The story will feature photographs, prose, poems, videos, animation, games. The following science-fiction haiku were written as preliminary piece for the project.


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