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Star tunnel book demonstration at Word Festival

I gave a star tunnel book demonstration at Word Festival in Vancouver.

Starbook with cherry blossom haiku

I created this starbook featuring winners from the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational winners.

starbook starbook

Each card was designed by VCBF with the purpose of promoting the winners. I downloaded the cards from the @OfficialVCBF twitter page.


This starbook will be donated to Haiku Canada to be auctioned during the annual conference this week-end.

starbook starbook  starbook starbook starbook  starbook starbook


Alzheimer’s ward

cherry blossoms

in the fog

-Marco Fraticelli


petal storm —

the affair

I almost had

-Jacqueline Pearce



Word Vancouver

I presented a bookmaking workshop at Word Vancouver between 3-4pm at the table of the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild.

Participants decorated their book using the logo of the festival.  The book that says “Family Fun” really sums up the experience at this wonderfully literary festival.

If you missed the workshop, check out my tutorial.

word_20150927_IMG_5502 word_IMG_5490 word_IMG_5493 word_IMG_5507 word_IMG_5516 word_IMG_5524

word_IMG_5558 word_IMG_5530 word_IMG_5534 word_IMG_5540 word_IMG_5548 word_IMG_5544  or

How to make an accordion book with cover tied by a ribbon (tutorial)

Would you like to learn how to make an accordion book with a cover  like this? Then, just follow this simple tutorial. It only takes 15 minutes to make one!





  • Cardstock (for the cover): 9cm X 17cm
  • Construction paper (for the pages): 9X12 in
  • Ribbon: 1/8mm works well.
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Rulers.

Let’s get started.


1_IMG_9420 2_IMG_9421

1. Position your construction paper like this. Measure and draw a line at 3 inches mark.

3_IMG_9426 4_IMG_9428

2. Fold the page to the 3 inches mark. You made a first crease.

5_IMG_9429 6_IMG_9431


3. Fold the page to the 3 inch crease. Your paper now has 2 creases.

7_IMG_9432 8_IMG_9434


4. Fold the paper in half like this. This is the result.

9_IMG_9435 10_IMG_9436

5. Fold the bottom to the middle crease. This is the result.

11_IMG_9437 12_IMG_9438

6. Fold the top to the middle crease. This is the result.

13_IMG_9439 14_IMG_9440

6. Position your paper like this. Fold the two sides to the middle.

15_IMG_9444 16_IMG_9446


7. This is the result. Squeeze the paper so the middle crease does a mountain fold. The result should be a “W”.

17_IMG_9448 18_IMG_9449


8. Here’s another view of the accordion fold you should have now.

19_IMG_9450 20_IMG_9451

9. Position your paper like this. Draw a thin line (illustrated here by a strip of paper) over three or the four squares in opposite direction. Here, on the first row, we are cutting square 2-4 ; on the second row, we are cutting 1-3.

21_IMG_9453 22_IMG_9455

10. Cut each line (do not cut the last square!!!). This is the result.

23_IMG_9456 24_IMG_9457

11. Start folding the book.  If you folded correctly. The book should fold itself.  (Now can you see why they call this a maze book?)

25_IMG_9458 26_IMG_9459

27_IMG_9460 28_IMG_9461

29_IMG_9462 30_IMG_9470

12. You’ll end up with a square of paper. Hold the middle of the package. If you end up with a “bird” with two flaps like this, you folded correctly. The flaps will be the end paper of your book.

31IMG_9471 32_IMG_9479

13. Take your cover (9X17cm). Measure a ribbon 3 times the lenght of the book (3X17cm).

33_IMG_9483 34_IMG_9489

14. Apply a line of glue in the centr eof the book, lenghtwise. Go to the very edge. Position your book. Glue the top page (this will be your end paper).

35_IMG_9494 36_IMG_9498

15. Now glue the other flap. Your book is finished!


16. Tie the ribbon. You are now ready to decorate your book with collage or rubber stamps. For example on how to decorate your book see this blog post:

Sakura Days Japan Fair Bookmaking workshop.

Haiku Bookmaking workshop

No. This is not a color wheel.

These are the colorful little books I’ll be teaching people how to make at my next workshop.

The material is pretty simple:  9″X12″ construction paper (folded as a maze), cardstock, ribbon.

Once our books are done, we will be decorating them with chiyogami paper and rubber stamps.

These books fit in your pocket so they are perfect to bring on a ginko. A ginko is a walk haiku poets are doing in nature to find inspiration to write haiku.


If you want to lean to make a little book, I’ll be teaching the technique:

  • Saturday April 11 2015, 2-3pm, during Sakura Days Japan Fair at the Van Dusen Garden. Find us in the glasshouse.  Workshop is free, but garden entrance fee still apply. Buy your tickets online to avoid long queues.
  • Sunday April 12 2015, 2-3pm, during Sakura Days Japan Fair at the Van Dusen Garden. Find us in the glasshouse.  Workshop is free, but garden entrance fee still apply. Buy your tickets online to avoid long queues.
  • Sunday April 26 2015, 1.20-2pm at Kerrisdale Community Centre (go to vcbf.ca for more details and pre-registration). Free events. ****PSS. If you are interested in haiku, come at 12.20-1.20 for a free haiku workshop.***

How to make a portfolio

We learned how to make this beautiful portfolio during a CBBAG workshop lead by Suzan Lee.

I took some pictures of the process so I can remember the instructions.

What you’ll need:

  • two bookboards
  • clothe to cover spine (outside and inside)
  • paper for the outside
  • paper for the inside
  • ribbon
  • glue stick
  • pva glue and brush

Glue the spine clothe and attach the book boards.

This is the result.

Choose your paper for the cover.

Glue the paper to the board (paper should overlap the spine cloth by 1 cm or so).

This is the result.

Cut two pieces of ribbon measuring (same height as the spine).

About 1.25 in from the side, use a chisel and hammer  (or exacto knife) to cut a slit in the booarboard the same width as the ribbon (we’ll insert the ribbon through this slit).

Insert the ribbon by pushing it in the slit with a thin spatula.

This spatula is super thin.

Glue about 1inch of the ribbon to the board.

Glue the inner spine (this piece should be slightly shorter than the outside spine).

This is the result.

You can create a ledge to hold paper so they don’t fall off the portfolio. Glue the ledge about 5mm from the edge.

Measure and cut the excess end paper.

Your portfolio is finished!

Thanks to Suzan Lee for a wonderful class and instructions.