A great way to teach and generate interest in haiku.” George O Hawkins


Old Pond Comics

In 2007, I created Old Pond Comics to help people learn haiku through cartoons. The comic features the adventures of Master Kawazu and his young apprentice Kaeru.

The hilarious haiku-cartoons are published in haiku journals (in Canada, France, the U.S., Japan). They appear monthly in The Bulletin: a journal of Japanese Canadian community, history and culture.  They were featured in Geist and ricepaper magazine.

You can find them online on my blog, and Troutswirl.


 Commisions (Illustrations)

Sous L’Influence…,  Diane Descôteaux, Editions des Petits Nuages, 2014.

Le haïku en herbe, isabel Asúnsolo, Editions l’iroli, 2012.

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