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Star tunnel book demonstration at Word Festival

I gave a star tunnel book demonstration at Word Festival in Vancouver.

Cross Stitch to Calm

Recently, I learned to cross-stitch. It’s so decadent to take up a craft that takes forever to complete.  Each line appear slowly, like an image being downloaded on a computer in the 1990s. And yet, I love it. It t gives me the chance to do something else than sit in front of a computer screen at night.

The origami crane is a pattern from Cross-Stitch to Calm: Stitch and De-stress With 40 Simple Patterns by Leah Lintz.  It took me 2 hours to get this far. Crazy!



Soap making class with Jolene

At the New Westminster River Market, I took a soapmaking class  at Jolene Handmade Soap Shop. It’s a drop-in course that takes place in a tiny corner of her store. The store owner, Jolene is providing you with everything you need: soap, moulds, scents and colours.    

First, you chose some moulds (she’s got hundreds). I picked roses, flowers, leaves, and a beach-themed mould with sunshines, crabs and palm trees.

Your package will include about 7 raw soap cubes. Place 1 to 1.5 soap cubes in a glass cup and melt in the microwave. 1 cup of liquid mixture will make a big soap and a bunch of tiny soaps.

When the soap is melted, add some scent. One or two drops per cup will do. There are hundreds of essential oils to chose from. I used jasmine, lilacs, cranberry, mandarin.

Add some colour powder (otherwise your soap will be transparent)!  A tiny amount will do. Mix well. Some powder even have glitters!

Add some herbs or flowers (optional). Here, I’m adding blueberry tea and rose petals.

Pour the mixture in a mould. Start with a big mould, then use the rest to the mixture to fill smaller moulds.

Place the mould in the fridge for about 30 minutes so the soap hardens.

Take the mould out of the fridge and flip it over to remove the soap.  Voila! You’ve made soap!

Here are all the soaps I’ve made.

These are drop-in classes (usually Saturday and Sunday) at Jolene Handmade Soap Shop

Making soap is fun and easy! It only costs 14$ and you get to take home one pound and half of soap! It took about one hour.

If you get hooked, she sells all the supplies you need to make soap at home!

Start book demo at Word Vancouver

I gave a demonstration on how to make a star book at Word, a literary festival that took place at the Vancouver Public Library today.

I started by sharing examples of star books. Then I sowed a book and assembled the pages into a star book.

The theme of my book was the Word festival. I used the festival guide to pick the colour of the book and Imade a collage using pictures and extracts from the program.

I really enjoyed sharing the joys of bookbinding during this one hour demo at the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (CBBAG) table.

img_9357 img_9360img_9359 img_9358


Starbook with cherry blossom haiku

I created this starbook featuring winners from the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational winners.

starbook starbook

Each card was designed by VCBF with the purpose of promoting the winners. I downloaded the cards from the @OfficialVCBF twitter page.


This starbook will be donated to Haiku Canada to be auctioned during the annual conference this week-end.

starbook starbook  starbook starbook starbook  starbook starbook


Alzheimer’s ward

cherry blossoms

in the fog

-Marco Fraticelli


petal storm —

the affair

I almost had

-Jacqueline Pearce