Odds and ends (ink drawing)

I recently came back from the Digital Summer Institute (DHSI 2015) – where I took 2 courses in electronic literature – all pumped up and ready to dive into digital storytelling.

I decided to register to the online course DS106 and soon proceeded to do the first daily task for July 5 which was an ink drawing of “odds and ends” around your house.

Tasks are not supposed to take more than 15-20 minutes, so I quickly drew the birds that sit on my television.  As I drew the bird cage (created by my father and decorated by my mother), and the two birds – a cardinal and the loon (both birds sing if you press their belly and were purchased on camping trips), I realized I often looked at these birds, when I’m sitting at a nearby computer, or when I’m a writing, or thinking. The TV is shut off most of the time so these birds are where I rest my gaze during the day.


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