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my portrait by Deborah kolodji hna aug 8 2011My name is Jessica Tremblay and I specialize in short form writing.

  • haiku
  • cartoons
  • digital fiction
  • screenplays
  • social media
  • business and technical writing

In 2007, I created Old Pond Comics to help people learn haiku through cartoons. I enjoy public speaking and sharing my passion for haiku.

A great way to teach and generate interest in haiku.” George O Hawkins

photo to erase jessica at seabeck 2014 by michael dylanwelch for header


In my spare time, I take bookbinding classes with CBBAG. I also give workshops to share what I learned with the public.

Jessica Tremblay giving a star book demonstration at the Word festival in Vancouver, September 25 2016
stenciledsmall oldpondcomics



starbook jessica presents by deborah kolodji

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